Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round Robin Block 3

I had a bee meeting this past Wednusday. We exchanged our round robin blocks once again. The above picture is the block I recieved. Aunt Gracie style fabrics in this one. Below is what I did.
I added the 2 1/2" blocks. I am begining to wonder if I made it too dark. I may need to change this one. I was trying to use only the fabric I had in my stash without having to purchase more.

This is the grab bag mini quilt. I had enough leftover fabric to make a pieced back! It came out cute. Some of the girls in my bee already brought there finished ones in, which makes me feel like I should hurry up and finish this! I am hand quilting it, which of course takes longer to do....Although it will not be overly done since it is a mini. I didn't think it needed too much quilting. We have until June to officially finish them. I have been doing so much stuff for the bee lately, that I have not been able to work on any personal projects. I think once this mini is done I will be able to finally get back to working on a few other things. I must say that I do enjoy some of the challenges that my bee comes up with! They are often outside of my comfort zone. Therefore I view them as learning experiences!
I have been busy baking cookies for Daughter 2. She had her piano concert last night. I had signed up to bring in some treats for the guests. She did well. She played the "Pineapple Rag". It is a piece she has been working on since January. So, it will be nice to hear her play something else now. Before we left we wanted to bring home the cookies that were left, otherwise they just throw them away. There weren't any left! :o)


  1. I love your little quilt Karen! I am addicted to making them, they are fast and fun to make!
    What delicious cookies did you bake?

  2. Hi Karen, Nice to meet you! Suzie has sent me over to your place! Love your miniquilt. I’ve never made one, but I feel tempted!

  3. HiKaren, I am enjoying your blog and your quilting! I like the colors that you used in the round robin square, they really bring out the little bits of blue in the center. It's been nice visiting you and I'll be back!