Monday, February 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Today is the day!! My daughter picked a name from a basket of 103 participants who entered into the giveaway!!! I am overwhelmed by the response to this giveaway! I thought I might have 20 to 25 entries. Not 103! Thank-you to everyone who left such wonderful messages of congratulations for my one year Blog Anniversary!!
The answer to what you have all been waiting to see....... Wendy from "Snippets of a Quilter" is the winner! Congratulations Wendy! Wendy as soon as you let me know where to send these goodies they will be on there way. :0)

Winner of the giveaway!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Blog "Anniversary" Giveaway!!

Hello my dear friends! It's time to celebrate my one year blogging Anniversary! I have finally picked out some things I would like to share with someone special. There is a pair of quilters gloves by Nancy Odom. I love these gloves! I find that they are very helpful if you do your own machine quilting like I mostly do. There is also a group of 35 Jo Morton 5" squares in a variety of fabrics, 3 Jo Morton fat quarters, and last but not least, a yummy Milka chocolate bar!!!

I never realized how difficult it was to pick out things for a giveaway! I tried to pick out items that I like and I hope you will enjoy also!

If you want to enter my giveaway, please leave a comment and a way I can reach you by e-mail if you are a no-blogger. I will have my daughter pick a winner on Monday afternoon, February 22.

Good Luck to everyone! :0)

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Three Little Spools or klosjes

I saw these little spools over on Valentina's blog. (check out her Feb. 6th blog post) As soon as I saw them I said to myself, "OK, drop everything. I've gotta try making one of those!" I was going to use these Jo Morton scraps to make a basket quilt, but I couldn't resist these cuties!! The first one I tried making turned out looking too much like a bowtie. The second one I made just didn't seem right. The third time around was just right!! So far I've only made two. Valentina wants to make 500!! I haven't decided how many I will make yet. I am sewing these by hand.
The little spool measures about 3 inches unfinished and about 2 1/2 inches finished.
I just realized that this month is my 1 year blog anniversary! How about that. Time does fly sometimes. I think I will have a giveaway of sorts in the very near future. But, first I want to take a survey. I would like to know what sort of giveaways have been your favorites?? What sorts of things do you like to win?? Fat quarters, patterns, scrap bags, tools of the trade, chocolate? Handmade items? Maybe a combination of goodies? Or maybe a secret bag of something???? If I haven't thought of something that you might like let me know.
Here is my Jo Morton apple core project. I am still working on it. When I'm not working on something else. :0)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I finished appliqueing Mr. Hockey man onto the top of the quilt! I spent all day yesterday getting the back ready and then sandwiching the quilt together with pins. I don't mind telling you that my fingers were a bit sore by the time I was done. But that's O.K., because I'm another step closer to having him done! :0)
Here he is! Laying on the kitchen table, all pinned and ready to be quilted! I hope my quilting will be straighter then my pinning lines!! LOL!!
Hey, look at that! If you look in the background of this picture you will see another project I have been working on. Yes, I do have more than one project going on at a time. Don't you? :0)