Monday, February 15, 2010

The Three Little Spools or klosjes

I saw these little spools over on Valentina's blog. (check out her Feb. 6th blog post) As soon as I saw them I said to myself, "OK, drop everything. I've gotta try making one of those!" I was going to use these Jo Morton scraps to make a basket quilt, but I couldn't resist these cuties!! The first one I tried making turned out looking too much like a bowtie. The second one I made just didn't seem right. The third time around was just right!! So far I've only made two. Valentina wants to make 500!! I haven't decided how many I will make yet. I am sewing these by hand.
The little spool measures about 3 inches unfinished and about 2 1/2 inches finished.
I just realized that this month is my 1 year blog anniversary! How about that. Time does fly sometimes. I think I will have a giveaway of sorts in the very near future. But, first I want to take a survey. I would like to know what sort of giveaways have been your favorites?? What sorts of things do you like to win?? Fat quarters, patterns, scrap bags, tools of the trade, chocolate? Handmade items? Maybe a combination of goodies? Or maybe a secret bag of something???? If I haven't thought of something that you might like let me know.
Here is my Jo Morton apple core project. I am still working on it. When I'm not working on something else. :0)


  1. I like the tiny spools, but your Jo Morton Apple Core quilt is still catching my eye! You are doing a very very nice job of stitching those cores together. This is going to be a stunning quilt! Congrats on the one year anniversary coming up here. I've enjoyed visiting and chatting with you. Did you find a what you need for Hockey Man?

  2. Those little spools are adorable in Jo!! How fun...a giveaway to watch for. How about that apple core quilt?! Hee!!!

  3. Karen,
    I was suprised to see your apple cores.I am working on them too. I have them on the design board wall in front of my sewing machine.
    Some day I will finish them. I put it down and work on something else and pick it up again. Mine are all colors of apples and done in homespun.

  4. Your apple core quilt is darling! Looks like small pieces. The new spool blocks are a hit, too. Lots of hand piecing going on at your house. I will pay a visit to the suggested blog. I can't imagine making 500 of those tiny spools.

  5. I love your little spools. How cute. Luv, luv, luv these. And gosh, your apple core work is divine. Totally divine. I don't usually enter giveaways to win things - just leave a supportive note BUT I would enter from Quilts A Lot! :) Anything you give would be lovely with Chocolate and Fabric. hee!

  6. Welcome to the "klosjes/spools club" dear Karen!... and thanks for having subscribed to my blog ;>) As a matter of fact, I'm taking the plane tomorrow, to visit Valentina, and I can't wait being there, sitting and stitching those spools together! As you say, we're planning to make LOADS of these. THANKS for joining us into the FUN ;>)

  7. Karen, your apple core is coming along great! Mine is still in the thought I want to do it or not? Love your spools too.
    Hugs, Jane

  8. Love the spools! And I love your Jo Morton apple core quilt. I need to make one of those one of these days.

    So happy to see your work!

    Enjoy your week!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice compliment. Your apple core quilt is coming out wonderful and I love your fabric choices. You are very ambitious to start the spool project (such tiny spools), but it will be one pretty quilt.

  10. Your spools are adorable and looks like your coming along nicley with the apple core quilt.

  11. Ooh, that Jo Morton apple core looks delicious. You and Mary from Quilt Hollow may have turned me onto Jo Morton. Love the colors!

    I'll hop on over to Valentina's blog to check out those spools. Yours look really good.

  12. I am going to start making some little spools also. Mine will be 4.5". I hope they are as adorable as yours! Great apple core also. You are so ambitious!

  13. Oh, such tiny blocks. The apple core is so pretty.

  14. I've always loved the spool blocks! Your apple core quilt is so charming! I know how much work that is! Fantastic job so far my friend!

  15. Love the spool blocks...might have to try those myself and your Apple Core quilt is going to be spectacular!
    Love Jo Morton...I was very blessed to have the opportunity to take all her classes this past January at "Road to California". Check out my blog for a "seat" with me in class!

    Elaine in SLO,Ca

  16. Your 'klosjes' as we call them in The Netherlands are great!
    More than a year ago, I started saturday-spoolsday, and many, many quiltsters joined the club!
    I finished the klosjesquilt a few months ago, 510 little spools, 6 cm each, that's less than 2 1/2 ".
    If you want to see them,... you are welcome!
    Have a nice evening!

  17. One of the kids bought me an apple core template for Christmas. My intension is to use the scraps in my scrap bin and just cut and sew away in between other projects. I recently found out you can buy them already cut! Bummer. But I have to think of that over flowing scrap bin. Yours is looking great!
    Like your spools too...too cute.
    Giveaways? I like fabric and finished many of us quilters have anything to show for our quilting???? I certainly don't...I give it all away! Little minis for the sewing room would be SWEET!

  18. Hello, I just found your blog via Valentina. I am fascinated with the little spools too and think I might have to have a go. I love your apple cores. They don't look much bigger than the spools!

  19. Welcome to the 'klosjesclub'. It's nice to see the spools all over the world!

  20. Kare welkom to the "klosjes club" I love your spools.

  21. ok I just love these spools I am going to have to make these too!!!!!
    soooo cute.
    have to figure out the pattern I love that they are small!
    2 1/2" finished sounds good, maybe 3" finished in case I want to make it queen size!
    giveaways oh fabric , or a little mini quilt maybe 9 of these spools in a little quilt????
    I would LOVE that!

  22. How much fun will it be to make a quilt of spools. Love it, love it!

  23. Your spools and apple cores are just so cute!
    I think I just may be starting on these "Klosjes" myself! LOL!!
    I saw a site where you can buy stamps for the fabric and then you just cut them out! Cool!
    All the best from Denmark!

  24. I'm fairly new to quilting. I just recieved an Accuquilt GO for Christmas and ordered the apple core die. Any idea of how many apple cores I'd need to make a queen size quilt? May be a bit ambitious for a "newbie" but I LOVE the look and have to start somewhere right?