Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Day!!

Yesterday was VERY breezy!! LOL Makes for a challenging picture day!! :0)
I have finished my daughters College quilt top and wanted to post it here for you to see. But, as you might have noticed, my helper was having some issues holding it without the wind pushing it around her feet. She is so happy with it! She has already posted a picture of it on Facebook!
Hahaha! I love this picture! My daughter was amused that her Dad was trying to stay out of the picture! But you know I just had to get him in the photo for you to see how funny he is sometimes! My sweet husband must have seen us struggling with the wind! He actually came out on his own to help hold the quilt still. LOLOLOLOL!
After many pictures were taken struggling with the wind I thought it might be best to take one more with the quilt laying on the floor.
I've already got a back picked out and just need to go get some purple thread! Because that is what daughter would prefer.
I have one more thing to tell you. You might have noticed that the star blocks and triangle border make this quilt look a little more formal. Then comes the last couple of borders. Well, I found this particular pattern to be very wasteful with cutting the pieces out. The quilt ended up being smaller then my daughter wanted it to be. After which my daughter started playing around with all of the extra pieces. The two of us put our heads together and came up with the final borders. Not quite as formal as the first one, but we were both happy with it! And that's what really counts. As well as the fact that we used up a lot of the wasted fabric which made me feel better. :0)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Our quilt bee is currently doing a new project. Not everyone participated, but I happened to do so. Those of us who are doing the project had to place some fabric in a bag and bring it in on Wednesday. The fabric was to be enough to make a small table topper or runner. The bags were all mixed up and then each person was to take one bag which was not theirs. The fabric you see above is what I found in the bag I picked out. Thus I am currently pondering about what to do with it!! Anyone got any ideas??? My thinking cap is on and I do have some things spinning around but nothing concrete as of yet. So if any one has a suggestion as to what to do with the fabric I have, please let me know! I can add only a small amount of my own fabric, but must use what was in the bag. Is your thinking cap on!! LOL Pondering!!!
This is as far as I have gotten with daughter #2's quilt. I have laid out the next border, but don't have it sewn together yet. I'm getting there slowly.
I did however get 3 more of the Civil War blocks done!!! I decided to throw some pink into the mix. #6 Richmond, #7 Log Cabin and #8 Cotton Boll are now finished!!! My goal for this week is to get totally caught up before Saturdays block comes out. Always and ever hopeful. :0)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Where does the time go!!!

It's already March! As if you all didn't already know this!! LOL

This past week has been full of doing things to get my youngest daughter ready for college as well as my quilt meeting and other necessary things to do... You know, haircut, groceries...etc... The necessary stuff! I don't know about you but, I tend to put off the necessary stuff until it can't wait any longer. Then there is a heap of it to do all at once.

Today my oldest daughter will be coming home for a week of Spring break from college. Needless to say not much sewing got done. Nor will it probably get done this coming week.

I am way behind in the Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks but I am working on them. #5 is shown above.
Here they all are together so far. Looks like I'm doing browns, reds, and blues with a touch of cheddar. So far I've just been pulling fabrics that say "use me" for this block! I will have to start paying more attention now. :0)
Some show and tell from my Wednesday bee meeting.
"Orphan blocks" quilt and rows.
Ooops! Sorry the picture turned. This is a sweet embroidery block.
Double Hour Glass! Very pretty!
Beggars Block. Pieced by hand.
"T" blocks. Pieced by hand.
Ships...Come Sail away.
A Recipe exchange quilt! The maker calls this one "Cooking With the Stars"!! How fun!

I miss not visiting my friends in blogland! I will visit when I can. Until then...
Happy Quilting!! :0)