Friday, March 4, 2011

Where does the time go!!!

It's already March! As if you all didn't already know this!! LOL

This past week has been full of doing things to get my youngest daughter ready for college as well as my quilt meeting and other necessary things to do... You know, haircut, groceries...etc... The necessary stuff! I don't know about you but, I tend to put off the necessary stuff until it can't wait any longer. Then there is a heap of it to do all at once.

Today my oldest daughter will be coming home for a week of Spring break from college. Needless to say not much sewing got done. Nor will it probably get done this coming week.

I am way behind in the Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks but I am working on them. #5 is shown above.
Here they all are together so far. Looks like I'm doing browns, reds, and blues with a touch of cheddar. So far I've just been pulling fabrics that say "use me" for this block! I will have to start paying more attention now. :0)
Some show and tell from my Wednesday bee meeting.
"Orphan blocks" quilt and rows.
Ooops! Sorry the picture turned. This is a sweet embroidery block.
Double Hour Glass! Very pretty!
Beggars Block. Pieced by hand.
"T" blocks. Pieced by hand.
Ships...Come Sail away.
A Recipe exchange quilt! The maker calls this one "Cooking With the Stars"!! How fun!

I miss not visiting my friends in blogland! I will visit when I can. Until then...
Happy Quilting!! :0)


  1. Ooh I love your block! All of your Civil War blocks are coming along:)

    Loved the quilt show. Do you all meet in a home? It looks like such a lovely setting. All of those quilts are lovely and that sail boat quilt is adorable. Is that going to be a child's quilt?

    Enjoy your time with your daughters:)

  2. Love your CW blocks!! Show and tell is great! Some beautiful quilts and talented quilters!!

  3. You do have alot going on....enjoyed your show and tell...and your civil war quilt is coming along nicely.