Thursday, March 10, 2011


Our quilt bee is currently doing a new project. Not everyone participated, but I happened to do so. Those of us who are doing the project had to place some fabric in a bag and bring it in on Wednesday. The fabric was to be enough to make a small table topper or runner. The bags were all mixed up and then each person was to take one bag which was not theirs. The fabric you see above is what I found in the bag I picked out. Thus I am currently pondering about what to do with it!! Anyone got any ideas??? My thinking cap is on and I do have some things spinning around but nothing concrete as of yet. So if any one has a suggestion as to what to do with the fabric I have, please let me know! I can add only a small amount of my own fabric, but must use what was in the bag. Is your thinking cap on!! LOL Pondering!!!
This is as far as I have gotten with daughter #2's quilt. I have laid out the next border, but don't have it sewn together yet. I'm getting there slowly.
I did however get 3 more of the Civil War blocks done!!! I decided to throw some pink into the mix. #6 Richmond, #7 Log Cabin and #8 Cotton Boll are now finished!!! My goal for this week is to get totally caught up before Saturdays block comes out. Always and ever hopeful. :0)


  1. I am not sure how to help in the first photo, but I like that all the fabrics go together!

    Your daughter's quilt is coming out nicely. Those are some pretty colors.

    You are doing so great on your Civil War blocks. Haven't even started mine yet! lol


  2. Maybe a yellow brick road quilt?

    Love your daughters quilt...coming along wonderfully

  3. Love that sewing-themed fabric! How about using that as the borders for a spool-block quilt? The brights would make great "thread" for the spools as they read solid. Use the white as the "spool" part and a black from your stash as the background for the spools. Have fun whatever you decide! :o)

  4. How about cutting the strips various widths and just making string blocks? Just a wild idea, I guess. I hope to see what you come up with.

  5. How about using the sewing theme fabric as a base for stars? then each star would get a different colored points of the red, yellow & blue and then 2 borders of the white against the green would give it a little touch of spring? The stars would be something like an Ohio Star mabye finishes 8 or 10 inches, 5 in a row would give you a nice size table runner? Good Luck, BTW your daughters quilt is lovely, and your Civil War blocks are my favorites!

  6. The sewing fabric is so charming, how about a square in a square block or something to showcase the cute fabric. Your daughters quilt is coming along nicely and the CW blocks are great too.