Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Block 2 of project "Round Robin"

I just learned that when you get your photos to post they are in reverse order! That is why block 1 on the previous post is not in order. So, now with block 2 I have learned to go backwards!

The above photo is how block 2 began as a 9 patch. Below is the block when I recieved it.
Here is the block when I finished. I added the 4 1/2" squares (Unfinished). This person requested staying with the theme of "Sewing". I don't know if you can see it or not, but the first set of 4" squares have buttons on the red fabric. I happened to have just enough blue fabric with needles and thread in my stash to add to her block! Yeah! I like the way this one is coming along.

I have only had 2 blocks to do so far. The next one will need the 2" checkerboard to be added. I found that the checkerboard uses up a lot of fabric!
My college bound daughter has returned to school. I will not see her again now, until May 2nd. That is about 6 weeks. When we go up to get her we will be packing up all her things to bring her home for the summer. We are trying to figure out how to bring everything home! We took things there throughout the school year as she neede them, so I know it will take more then 1 trip to bring it all back home. We may end up renting a small truck or U-Haul. We have also been considering renting a small pod for the summer to store it in. That way we won't have to bring it all back again in the fall when classes resume. Hmmm. The dilemma of being a parent. :o)

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