Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last of My Daffodils

Well, these are the last of my daffodils for this year. They are gorgeous. It is such a gloomy, rainy, cold and foggy morning, that I needed to see something cheerful. Daffodils always make me cheerful! They are sitting on a table runner I made a few years back. It was from an "Atkinson" pattern I believe.
This is my helper! He seems to enjoy quilting just as much as I do. Maybe I should have said that he enjoys sleeping with quilts, instead of quilting them! Now you see one of the reasons why I don't get much done! I am handquilting this particular quilt. (Whenever I can get at it) I will take a better picture of it soon.
I have my new computer finally! It is sooooooooooo fast compared to the other one! It is also very sensitive! I need to have lighter fingers now. I deleted some e-mails by mistake because the cursor mouse is really, really sensitive!

Look! A white deer! This is out my back window. She is a ways off so the picture is blurry, but I caught her on my camera before she disappeared. I see her mostly on rainy days for some reason.? I have watched her grow. My daughters and I have named her Abbey. If it was a male deer it would be Al. A nickname from "Albino". Although I don't think she is albino. I think she is a pure and simple white deer! The first time I saw her she was just a baby. In August she will be 2 years old. I can't wait to see her babies! Will they also be white?


  1. Beautiful deer! I've heard of them but never seen one.

  2. Beautiful daffodils! I'm still waiting for some in the garden, Spring, where are you?...
    What a sweet fellow you have to make you company when you are quilting! I've never seen a white deer, she is beautiful! I think her babies will be white too!