Friday, March 13, 2009

My Sewing Room!

I took some pictures of my sewing room after I finished with the "Spring Cleaning". I'm glad I did, because it doesn't look quite so clean anymore! I have been working on some projects, so of course, there is now fabric and books and rulers laying on my table. By the way my husband built the sewing table for me!
Here you see my books. I love collecting books! They are so great for Inspiration! If you look on the design wall you will see my round robin in progress. My design wall is an old flannel sheet! Don't laugh it works! Fabric just sticks to it without having to be pinned! I've just learned to ignore the floral pattern! I actually have 2 more rows on the round robin now. I am still trying to decide what to put onto it next. One of the pictures on the smaller book shelf is of my best friend and I. We are holding our first children.

Fabric! Thread! Rulers! Iron! All the necessary items to be a quilter and or crafter!

Here is my sewing machine. It is a Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer. It was my 40th birthday gift from my husband! The little bee pincushion is from a pattern shared by a new friend! ;0)

The other half of the sewing room is a guest bedroom. The "Kasper"(clown) on the bed is handmade by a relative in Bavaria Germany. My Mother made the rug on the floor and crocheted the afghan on the bed.
I found out yesterday that the new computer I ordered has been delayed. They don't expect it to ship until March 25th now. boo hoo. Oh well. That's ok, It will come soon enough.
This past week it was sunny and in the low 80'sF. Today it is in the 30's and rainy! Go figure. I feel like we are on a weather rollercoaster! It does make a super day for staying in and doing some quilting! Guess where I'm heading?! :-)


  1. Wow....our sewing rooms are comparable with the slanted ceilings and dormer window. Love the table your husband made you. Mine made mine also but years ago when we were stationed in England and he had to use what he could find. He wasn't happy but I was! Did you husband have a pattern? We looked and never found one. I know mine wants to make me a new table with better materials. Hope you enjoyed a day of quilting in this icky weather!

  2. I love your sewing room! So neat and a lot of place too, mine is about half size or so (no wonder why I have things in the living room!...)The shelf has so many lovely things and the little bee is so sweet;-)) A beuatiful place to sew and quilt!

  3. That is one dreamy sewing room.