Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Move In Day

Isn't this an odd picture? It has nothing to do with quilting! I've been helping my daughter pack, and then unpack! Sunday was move-in day at my daughter's college this past weekend. I thought I would show you her dorm room and facilities.  She has a suite. There are 2 rooms, with a bathroom in between. 4 girls will share this bathroom.
Not exactly the prettiest! But it works. The building was built in the early 1960's. I don't think it has been updated since it was built.
Here is the room looking from the doorway in.  My daughter decided to leave her bed in the loft position so she can have her desk underneath. This will give her and her room-mate better access to the closets. I took this picture while we were still putting stuff away. It was very hot!! It was a good thing we brought some fans! No air conditioning here.  I was very happy that it wasn't raining like it was supposed to be! Can you imagine how messy that would have been? I had bagged everything just in case.

Here is a picture looking towards the hallway. This is a co-ed dorm. In the hallway where my daughter is, there are 12 rooms.  6 on each side of the hall. Her suite faces the only suite in this hallway that has boys in it. The rest of the hallway is all girls! I'm thinking that this shall be a very interesting experience for the girls. And for the boys!! 

Yesterday was the first day of school for daughter #2.  She is a Junior in High School. Today is going to be weird. It's the first day that the school district is trying this new thing. They are dismissing all students one hour early on all Wednesday's. That is except for 6. Those 6 days the students are to get out even earlier! 

  Hopefully, now that school has started and we are getting back into a schedule of some sort,  I will have more time to visit my "sewing room"!!!   :0)


  1. Hi Karen, it must feel really weird to have two daughters off to school, one to college. I remember those days! I worried like crazy for my son and he made it just fine, of course. Anyways, funny thing for the district to let kids out early....time for some of them to just get in trouble (do I show my age here?). I hope you enjoy the time you now have sewing and doing what you love most! Have a great day!

  2. That green tile was a giveaway at how old the room is. Hope she has a good year. My daughter is so glad to be a senior this year. Me too!

  3. Brings back memories of sending my son #1 off to college last didn't report tears though. This year he went back himself and didn't want me...he knows the routine I guess. are off to classes....get busy girl! Let's see whatcha got!

  4. Hurray for your college girl! A quiet house means some serious sewing and quilting can happen. Did you send a quilt to school with your daughter? Your Jr. student will no doubt keep you hopping all the same. Hope the adjustments to DD1 being away go smoothly for your family. Such exciting times! Hugs!