Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shopping Spree!

Yesterday I went on a shopping spree! I went for the first time to a quilt shop called Plain and Simple! It was a shop that many fellow quilters said was a "must see". Wow, is all I can say! It really was a cute and inviting shop! As you can see it is a house turned into a shop. So so cute!
I want to go back again today! But, of course I won't. It only took me about 45 minutes to get there, which really surprised me. I thought it was a bit further. It helps that they recently finished an extension of new highway which is very close to the shop. Horray! I finally got to go! I have been wanting to go to this shop for quite awhile!
Now for you to see all my new goodies! I haven't shopped in a quilt shop for almost a year. Except for maybe thread. Our local shop had changed owners. The new owner had changed styles of fabric to things I was not interested in. I no longer got warm fuzzies there.
At the suggestion of the cashier, I purchased the punch key ring. As you can see it was punched almost 1/2 way! This is punched as to how much you spend. Once you fill it up you get $10. off your purchase. The keyring then goes into a basket for a monthly drawing. If you win, you receive a gift from the shop. Since the keyring was filled to half way, I think it was worth it. I am almost positive it will be filled the next time I go on a shopping spree there!!


  1. Those are some wonderful purchases you made! You have good taste! So nice to find a great quilt shop even if you have to drive. I have to drive about that same distance to any that interest me. The local one...well...just stinks:/
    Have fun with your new projects!!

  2. It takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes from my front door. Isn't it just wonderful to see each little room filled up and decorated just right?!! Ah yes, punch card....I'm on my 2nd one.

  3. Where is this wonderful store? I would go there just for the name, how sweet!

  4. How wonderful to get to investigate a new quilt store...nothing better than that! Love your finds and can't wait to see photos of your finished products! Dumb that that other quilt store closer isn't selling what you like...maybe others will feel the same and they'll get the hint! Have fun! Definitely a successful shopping trip!

  5. Where is this great little sounds and looks like i need to come down out of the mountains(Blue Ridge) for a visit!!!

    Enjoyed your blog.....LindaMay

  6. Looks like a great quilt shop. You got lots of really nice things and they sound very friendly too. Only 45 minutes, that's nothing, you definitely need to go back. I have both of those books, I love them. I have supplies to make the cute basket quilt in the Just Desserts book.

  7. OOOOO!! I love that shop. Fabric overload for sure.

  8. oh I need a shopping trip too!
    your right looks like a great shop and love your purchases!
    let me know how you liked making that wallet
    that would be a great gift idea for my girls

  9. There is nothing like a good shopping spree! Love all your goodies. My local quilt shop does the punch key and once full you get a $25. gift certificate.