Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Finished Tops

I wanted to do a "Show and Tell" today. These are two quilt tops that I have recently finished. Recently meaning within the last 2 years! LOL !!! Both of these tops I did from  "Web Samplers". The one on the top is from 2008.  It's done in the Vicksburg Collection of fabrics by Judie Rothermel. The pattern was designed by Bonnie Blue quilts. The size of it is 75 x 93.
This next one is from the Jo Morton fabric line called Coventry and is also designed by Bonnie Blue Quilts. This is from 2007. It's size is 94 x77.

I really enjoyed using the Bonnie Blue patterns. They are written very well! I am not sure how to quilt them as yet. I'm considering the possibility of hand quilting the Jo Morton and having the Judie Rothermel machine quilted. But I haven't decided yet for sure. Maybe I will have both of them machine quilted, just to get them done.

On the home front, I feel like my house is in a revolving door! With all the "comings and goings" going on. Phew! That's O.K. we will all be back on some semblance of a schedule soon enough! School starts  August 24th for daughter #1 and August 25th for daughter #2. We've been busy packing for my college bound daughter. We will drive her up to school on the 23rd and move her into her dorm for the school year.  I've also been School shopping for both of my daughters and bringing my husband back and forth to the airport as needed for his work related trips. 
 Happy Summer! :0)


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!
    My son moved back to his college dorm yesterday. I remember this time last year I was so upset about it all and even blogged about it. This was sad to see him drive away but at same time I'm glad he is spreading his wings. He needed to go! LOL

  2. Both so beautiful. The one with the Vicksburg fabric is my favorite.

  3. Both are fabulous quilts. My daughter starts back at UNCG I think in a week. Last one in college. YIPPEE!!

  4. Those quilts are wonderful! Love the combination of colors! Very very nice! You are busy with two daughters getting ready for school! That's a job! I wish you luck in the preparation, the moving and the hard goodbye! They must fly out of the nest but it's hard on Mom and Dad even knowing that!

  5. Those are just gorgeous, Karen!! Nice job! I love anything reproduction and those fabrics are sooooo lovely! I too, like the Bonnie Blue patterns. Good for you for finishing them up!
    Have a great week.

  6. Both are lovely! Vicksburg fabric is wonderful.