Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Signature Block Swap

I finished my signature blocks for the online swap.  They are all signed and ready to be placed into an envelope and mailed to melissa. They aren't really due until sometime late in November.  I actually had some time today and decided to get them finished so now I can move on to something else and not have that looming over me. I prefer not to be a procrastinator.  So, sometime this week they will be brought to the post office and then be on there way. :0)
How do you sign your blocks? Do you use a stabilizer on the back? Or do you use freezer paper? I used a piece of very fine sandpaper that I had glued to a piece of cardboard so the sandpaper wouldn't curl up. That way I could quickly write my signature and move on to the next block. The sandpaper did a great job of holding the fabric block still without shifting around.
I am really excited about seeing everyone else's blocks arrive in my mailbox. I think I will have to wait until maybe December before they will arrive.  Plenty of time to try and finish some of my other pending projects! 
Happy Quilting!!   ;0)


  1. Your blocks look great! I didn't use anything behind mine even though I have a sand board. I just laid them on my cutting table and wrote! Your signature is lovely and I have to admit that mine are actually printed, but that is because my printing is better than my handwriting!

    I can't wait to get on to other projects too! I want to get caught up on the bunny blocks but other things keep getting in the way of finishing those up!

    Have a great day!

  2. Those blocks look great and what a wonderful project. I was too late to get involved but how lovely to have signatures from blogger friends....very cool idea!

  3. Looks good! Mine are finished and sitting...I haven't signed them yet though.

  4. Your blocks are great. I have started them. I will put mine on a sandpaper board too so that I can write my name on them. I like the sandpaper board to trace patterns onto fabric too.