Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making A Quilt Sandwich With Bunnies On The Side

 I have finally gotten around to making a sandwich out of the 2 Round Robin tops.  I decided to baste them together as a reversible quilt, rather then having 2 quilts which were very similar. They are basted and ready to be quilted!  I'm not going to take the time to hand quilt this one.  It's more of a casual throw type quilt.  Might just be the right one to put on my sofa to cuddle with! :0).   I hope to start working on it tomorrow. My fingers are a bit sore from pin basting all afternoon.  May have to rub some good old fashioned "Bag Balm" on them later.  This is the round robin project that I was working on in my "quilting Bee" earlier in the year. I had done several posts on them as they were going around my group.
BUNNIES!!  I have been working on the Bunny Hill blocks on the side. I've almost got 4 of them finished. I have a few more things to add to the chocolate bunny then I can move onto #5.  I'm only 4 months behind now.  Half way there!!! 

 Now that school has started, I've finally gotten myself  caught up on "Stuff " that had to be done around the house.   Maybe I can sneak off to my quilting room more often!  :0)    (0: 


  1. Hi Karen,
    Such a great idea to have a double side quilt...can't wait to see it quilted. Love your Bunny Hill blocks too. Courtney left for college on the 22nd of August and Kelsie and my husband (teacher) started today. This is my day off, so I caught up on things today also. Maybe I can get some sewing done at some point. How are you doing with one of your birdies missing from the nest?

  2. Good idea for a double sided quilt especially since backings are becoming more and more like scrap quilts too. Ah yes, kids back at school I can imagine the creative juices will start flowing in many quilters just waiting to get back to the humming of their machines!
    You doing good on the bunny hill blocks!!

  3. Your bunny hill blocks are so cute! I just finished the July one today! LOL! I'm getting there, girl! Just when I think I will be able to be all caught up, something else takes me away from my sewing room! I AM determined to get caught up on these as I really want to start another big quilt again!

    Your double-sided quilt looks great and that is a great idea too!

    I myself love to hand quilt but sometimes you just have to quilt by machine!

    Thanks for sharing with us and glad you are getting caught up!

    Have a blessed week :D

  4. I am 8 months behind on the bunny blocks! LOL.

  5. I like the double sided quilt idea and your baskets are so sweet!

  6. Very clever with the 2-sided quilt! And very nice bunny blocks!

  7. Hey that is a good idea to put two quilts together.
    And look at your little basket blocks, so cute.

  8. Your bunny blocks look great! Thanks for visit my blog!

  9. What a great idea to do a two-sided quilt! I'll have to remember that! And your bunnies are looking good! I haven't started mine yet. They're on my "someday" list! Enjoy your day! :0)