Friday, September 18, 2009

Random acts of Kindness

Most quilters I've met seem to have such good hearts. Always thinking of others and trying there best to make everyone around them feel loved. They are often like the quilts they make. Warm and generous, they wrap around you in friendship and generosity. The above churn dash block is a random act of kindness. It will join blocks made by others who have opened there hearts to spread love to one in need. :0)
Look who came to visit!! My family and I have named this white deer "Abbey". She is with her Mother and a new younger sibling. I wonder if there will every be another white sister or brother one day.
Yesterday was my quilt bee meeting. This is a quilt one of the ladies brought to share with the group. It was made from blocks abandoned by another quilter from various projects. The receiver of the blocks thought since they were all in the same color family, why not make one quilt with them all! I think she did a great job!
And last but not least!! Ugh!! I Finally, finished the round robin!!!! I am so happy to finally finish this one!!! Ah! It has taken me what seems like forever. I know you all are probably saying it's about time. Now we don't have to see that one anymore. I know I am! LOL!! :0) (0:


  1. Great block. I sent one in the mail today. I know it will make the receiver happy.
    How cool is that white deer.
    The applique quilt is just lovely and you did a great job on your round robing quilt. I love the yellow in it

  2. You did a wonderful job on your round robin!

  3. I'm quite impressed with the quilt of misc blocks and how awesome it came together! Even your round robin is a keeper!!! You have to be pleased you have a great finish!

  4. Great post, Karen! Your round robin is just beautiful. I know how nice it is to finish up on a project. I now, just have to get motivated to start one! LOL!
    The applique quilt is lovely too! Each and every block
    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Your Round Robin is beautiful! Congrats for finishing it! The other sampler quilt is pretty also!

    Happy sewing!


  6. Random acts of kindness are contagious, lol, atta girl!! The white deer is awesome, I have never seen one. The quilt bee quilter was right on track with her quilt. I like your Round Robin quilt and can imagine that you are very happy about finishing up. It turned out great. :o)

  7. Random acts of kindness will make this a better world for sure! Love the white deer! Wow, never seen one of those! That quilt is beautiful! Happy Weekend!

  8. I do like the quilt made with the various blocks that actually weren't meant to go together. They sure look like they were meant to be that way.
    I forgot to photograph my churn dash block. Enjoyed seeing yours.