Tuesday, September 22, 2009

25th Wedding Anniversary and Jo Morton Club. All in one day!

25 years ago today I was a bride. My husband and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage! This morning my husband couldn't wait until I left the house. He kept saying "when are you leaving", "shouldn't you have left by now". Well when I came home, there was a message on the answer machine. It said go look out on the front porch. On the door knob was a card, and out on the front porch was the biggest flower arrangement I have every received! It is really heavy with long stem red roses. :0) 25 red roses!! For 25 years of marriage!

This is the card that came with it. I'm blushing!! I was told that I will be going out to dine this evening and that I should put a nice dress on!! This Sunday my husband and I will leave for Hawaii. It will be the first trip we have made with just the 2 of us since before we had children. I am very excited about going!!! Who wouldn't be? :0)
Another reason to be excited today!! My reason for leaving this morning was to go to a fairly local quilt shop called Plain and Simple Quilt Shop. Its a wonderful little store that I've recently discovered. I had signed up to join a Jo Morton club. Guess who is also in the club? Mary from Quilt Hollow!!!! What a neat lady she is. I was really happy to finally meet her! We've been commenting on each others blogs for almost a year now. She took a lot of great pictures from the show and tell time. If you go visit her blog you will see all the wonderful quilts that she took pictures of! (I need to start remembering to take more pictures.)
Mary brought my quilt with her. I had asked her to quilt a Judie Rothermel quilt, which I had blogged about in the past. I want to put the binding on it before I show it to ya'll! Mary did a superb job on it!!! Thank-you Mary!! :0) (0: I look forward to our next meeting!!

Now I must go get myself ready. I'm dinning out tonight! :0)


  1. Congratulations on 25 years! What a great accomplishment. Hawaii.....oh WOW!The Roses are beautiful.

  2. Congrats and WOW...he knows how to treat you!! Were your flowers ok on the porch? I was thinking how terribly hot and humid it was today.

  3. Karen, lovely flowers! Your hubby must be a sweetie and a keeper. Great to meet you today at the Jo class. See you next month. BTW, your Judie quilt is lovely.

  4. Happy 25th Anniversary!!! What a romantic hubby you have! That's wonderful~~ And a trip to Hawaii to top it off~ What could be better?? Be sure and hit the quilt stores there~

  5. Wow Karen, the roses are beautiful. Congrats on 25 years of marriage. Your husband is so sweet to go all out for you on your anniversary. Enjoy your fancy dinner. And have a great time in Hawaii.

  6. Sounds like you have a man who has been happily married for all of those twenty five years. Sweet words, beautiful flowers and dinner out. What a sweetie! Hawaii ~ worth waiting all those years for, lol, relax and enjoy every little bit of this time together...wow!

    Will certainly look forward to seeing your finished quilt. I bet Mary did some fantastic quilting for you. So nice that you two had a chance to spend time together. Very special.

  7. Happy Anniversary! You guys have fun!

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Have a wonderful time with your husband in Hawaii!

  9. Happy Anniversary! How sweet of your husband to surprise you with those beautiful roses and the card is so sweet. Have a fantastic time in Hawaii.
    I got to meet Mary at a quilt show once. Yes, she is very nice. I wish I lived closer to Plain and Simple.