Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Workshop Day

Yesterday and today were busy days. I spent yesterday baking and today at a sewing workshop! Yesterday I made a Yogurt Apple Cake from a recipe I found at Suzie's littlebusybee blogspot, and Oatmeal White Chip Cookies from a recipe I found at Mary's quilthollow blogspot. Mary, by the way is doing a fun special give-away. A link to her blog is in my side bar! I brought both goodies to my quilting workshop today. Yummy! Good thing I took a picture before I left this morning! The goodies were well recieved.
This is what we were doing at the workshop. We made 5 quilt tops. All of them were the same, from a pattern called Bricks.

One of our bee members had a Mother-in-law pass away. Her husband had asked her to make quilts from her clothing for him and all of his siblings. We were making the quilt tops out of her clothing for all 6 children.

Busy! Busy! Busy! We used a room at a local church as our gathering place.

We also had a "garage sale" of sorts. Whatever we had left from "The Box", which I posted about a while ago, was brought to the workshop. We had a fun "free-for-all" rummaging through what was left! :0) I brought home some magazines and fabric. As if I don't have enough already!!!

We had an ironing station, several machine stations, a food station and of course the manager! The manager needed to tell us which pieces to put together in which row. Then of course, which rows went together where......

For lunch we had a friendship salad. Each person brings in one item to add to the salad! We have done this before. Each time the salad is completly different! We added our managers specialty "chili salad dressing". A favorite of everyone's! If you look close enough you can see the goodies that I brought in. I took this picture before we had our lunch. Fun, Food, Friendship and quilting! What could be better!!!! :0)
Addendum to my last post. I was asked about the pattern for the "Welcome Home Quilt" I am hand quilting. I am not sure if they still have it available or not since I purchased it several years ago. It was from If you add your E-mail address to your profile I find I can better answer questions about things I might post. Happy Quilting!!!!!

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