Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project: Move Away

This is the new June 2009 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting! Some really neat stuff in this issue. A member of my quilt bee is moving away to Texas in June. We as a group have decieded to make a remembrance quilt for this gal. We chose a pattern from the Magazine.
The pattern is called "Mix It Up". It is the Jacobs Ladder block done in 30's reproduction prints, which is a favorite of our member who is moving.

These are the fabrics I chose to use. Each member is to make 9 blocks as well as 4 border blocks and squares.

Ahh! Now you get to see my special helpers! ;o) Although it looks like they are sleeping on the job!! Literally!!

The blocks are a work in progress. I have everything cut out and ready to go! Zoom Zoom!

More progress! Almost done!

Tah Dah! This is as far as I need to go with this project at this time. The next step will be to have a workshop with the rest of the group so we can put the blocks together into a quilt. Shhh! This is a secret! She doesn't know we are doing this. It will be our surprise gift for her. We need to hurry along if we are going to finish this before she moves. We may have to mail it to her if we don't get it finished in time. Ideally, it will be quilted, binded and labeled so we can hand it to her at her last meeting with us. I have not told anyone in my "Quilt Bee" that I have a blog. I wanted to be able to post things here without having to keep it a secret from you! :0)
All in good fun!


  1. They will find you! LOL Seriously....they do...I've been found.

    Fantastic start to the quilt and I bet she will absolutely be thrilled and SAD to leave you all!!

    Don't you just love how kitties plop themselves right down in the midst of what your working on or reading? Some help you have there! HA!

  2. Your helpers are so cute Karen! If I did not have an allergie.... It is going to be a stunning quilt, she will always remember you. It is the best gift one can get!