Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mulch Madness!

This doesn't look like quilting to me!! My husband had some mulch delivered and we have been busy shoveling and spreading this stuff around the yard. It is hard work, but always makes the yard look better!
We bought 2 Jessamine plants and 2 trellis's for them to climb on. We have never had Jessamine before. Hopefully they will like there new home. You can see here what a difference the mulch makes!

The azaleas are begining to bloom. I think North Carolina is very pretty in the Spring! If you can deal with the allergies and pollen! Blah!

Everything is starting to push out of the ground with vim and vigor! Spring has Sprung!

My husband does most of the shoveling and dumping. I do the spreading. Team work! Gets the job done.

I planted 2 of these in the garden this morning, before the mulch covered the ground. Grow! Grow! and Bloom!

Here they are after I plugged them into the ground.

This is the hole I was preparing for them. As you can see we don't have dirt. We have clay! UGH! It is the worst stuff. Hard, clumpy, heavy, and nothing can grow in it! You have to either remove it, or have raised beds of dirt that you have hauled in. As you can see, we remove it. Then I use soil that I have purchased. Then we have to figure out what to do with the clay after we dig it up! I often wonder, how in the world did our ancestors farm here! How did they get there vegtables and fruits to grow in this stuff!!!


  1. Thank goodness for this post! I'm still trying to figure out the clay situation here! I told my DH that nothing will grow in this clay! It is so different from anywhere that we have ever lived. We are in the process of two good size tiered flower beds and I told him we must purchase real soil to get anything to grow! Your gardens look lovely. What does the mulch do exactly? Is it the same as bark?

  2. A great team work! Love the pictures of your garden!