Monday, April 27, 2009

Mini Quilt Show

I thought I might do a "mini quilt show" today. I have been showing lots of quilts I am working on for or with other people, but few of my own. This is Mr. Scarlett. He enjoys all the quilts!
This is an all cream quilt I like to use in the Master Berdroom for the summer, I just put it on my bed today. It looks like summer has arrived. It has been in the 90's for about the last 3 days now. I pieced the quilt, but can't take the credit for quilting this one though. It was way to big to go through my Viking! It is not a king size but it is larger then a queen. I wanted to be able to cover my pillows with it. (Keeps the cat hair off) :o)

Here is a close-up of some of the hand quilting I did on this quilt. It is called "Thirteen Stars". I finished it in 2002. I love how this one turned out! It feels yummy to. Hand quilting makes a quilt feel so much softer then machine quilting! This is my feminine side, a pink quilt just for me!
Here is the full picture of it. You will find that I don't have any one style or color group that I stick to. I seem to dibble and dabble in just about anything that suits me at the time. (Except maybe Kaffe Fasset fabrics. ;o)
"Stars and Rails" a Buggy Barn pattern. I keep this one in our family room. Everyone uses this one! You could call it my utility quilt!
A log cabin table runner which also has a home in the family room.

A basket quilt which was made from a Thimbleberry Kit. Many years ago. It has some applique on it.
I made this quilt in 2002. It is a signature quilt. It was signed by all the members in my "quilt bee" at that time. Of course some of the ladies that signed it have moved away or left the bee for various reasons. This quilt is near and dear to my heart, for it reminds me of the friends of the past as well as the present.
Prarie Pines! A Thimbleberry pattern. This was the very first fabric exchange I did when I first joined the "quilt bee" I am currently in. I remember feeling sooo over whelmed! Some of the fabrics in the exchange were down right awful to me! I ended up using them thinking I don't like this one bit! Now it is one of my favorite quilts! It goes to show that it is a good exercise to try new things, and it is O.K. to use some ugly fabrics! I may not like all the fabrics but they really work well together in this quilt! I learned a great lesson!

This is a "Churn Dash" block. I just used up lots of scraps in this one. Kinda just did my own thing with it.
This is a Kaffe Fasset pattern. Someone in my "bee" decided they wanted to do an exchange of "black background floral prints" and use a pattern from Kaffe Fasset. (Not Me!) We actually did 3 different fabric exchanges for this same pattern! The very first quilt I showed as the all cream fabrics on my master bed is one of them. This one and one more which you will see later. Believe it or not, after everyone was so excited about this exchange only 3 people out of 12 ever finished any of the projects!

This was a fun one! At one point my bee was doing "secret pal". I was recieving these blocks one at a time! I had to finish a few of the blocks and put the final quilt together, but I really enjoyed seeing what block I was to recieve next! Fun Fun Fun!

O.K. Here is the 3rd Kaffe Fasset fabric exchange we did. This one was fruit and vegtables! I Yi Yi ! I like how all the quilts turned out but, boy they are busy and were challenging for me to work on!! I still can't get over the fact that I was the only one to finish all 3 of these. It was hard.

A Debbie Mumm pattern. Moo. It's hand quilted.

This is a quilt I made for my youngest daughter! I saw this special hand dyed fabric and knew that she would love it! I gave her the finished quilt for Christmas one year. She was only 12 years old at the time. (What 12 year old would want a quilt for Christmas? Hehehe) I thought she would like it and think it funny that she was getting a quilt for Christmas. Turns out it was a HUGE hit! She was so happy with it! :o)
Here is the scrappy rug I crocheted to go with her "Rainbow Quilt" as she calls it!
Well I hope you enjoyed my "Mini Quilt Show"! I have many other quilts squirreled away but, will save to show you some other time! This post has been long enough!
Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow! I really enjoyed your private quilt show. I hope that someday I will have enough quilts to do a show of my own.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. You did do the multiple angle binding - I see it right there on that beautiful log cabin table topper and the binding looks perfect. Beautiful quilts Karen, just gorgeous!

  3. Oh...this was fun to have a peek at your quilts! Of course I enjoyed each and every one of them.

  4. Ok, why am I not following your blog?'s just great. Thanks so much for all the inspiration. You have made so many amazing quilts. I'm off to click on the followers botton.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. I did enjoy your "Quilt Show", Karen! You have so many beautiful quilts, I'm glad you showed us your treasures! I love your handquilting!

  6. Oh my goodness, Karen! Which one do I love the most?! They are all so beautiful. I LOVE the "secret pal" sampler. Darling! And your signature quilt too. The log cabin is such a great twist. Thanks for the tour...

  7. I loved the Mini Quilt Show! So many wonderful quilts.