Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yesterday was Quilt Bee Day!

Yesterday was my quilt bee meeting! Time to share some "show n' tell". Here is a cute little Christmas tree. I don't know if you can see them or not but there are tiny red buttons on the tree so ornaments can be hung.
I thought this fabric was really cute. It's the back of the next quilt.
A fun Kim Diehl quilt. (And yes Mary, that is a tuffet!)
A Tinker bell apron which is reversible. Shhh!! It's a Christmas gift for someone special!
Look!! Tuffets!! Aren't they fun?!! I think they look great! :o)
Here is a beautiful Cathedral Stars quilt which is from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.
Hope you enjoyed the show! :0)


  1. OMG...tuffets! Did I tell you I got the pattern? Looks like a doozy to make. I'm curious what your quilt buds had to say about making them.

  2. The Cathedral Stars is a good quilt and so is the Kim Diehl pattern quilt.
    I made a quilt very similar to the tree with the red buttons on it. That was back when I first started making quilts about 20 years ago.

  3. Tuffets! I love everything about Tuffets! I even love saying the word Tuffets. Everyone should have at least one Tuffet. Your Tuffets are glorious! :)

  4. Yes I did, a great show. Lots of lovely eye candy.

  5. Tuffets - Tuffets - Tuffets - I ABSOLUTELY love them!!!!!

    The Christmas tree is wonderful - and yes, when I zoomed in on the tree, I could see the red buttons.

    OOH, love the Tinkerbell apron with the rick rack, too cute.

  6. I'd rather be at a Bee! You always have super things to share, it's gotta be a fun time with quilter friends. Tuffets, what next?