Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jo Morton Club meeting

Today was Jo Club Day! I have lots to share with everyone. This is an apple core tablemat. finished with the blanket stitch. Very cute!
Here is a gorgeous log cabin and houses. Each house has a different block inside of it. Nice warm colors were used. I was sorry I couldn't get a full length photo of this quilt.
Here is a Figgy pudding Christmas stitchery. This is really adorable!
Here is an up close shot of one the the stitcheries. A "sweet" gingerbread house. :o)
Some really fun Tea towels! I just love these!
A partridge in a Pair tree!
These were really cute! They are wool hooked rugs.

A Signature block quilt top from Jo Morton pattern.
Another Apple core table topper. This one has ric rac around the edges of the apple cores. Such a creative finish! Really neat!
Here's a close up of the ric rac. As you can see there is also a bit of blanket stitching in this one! Really nice!
I had a totally unexpected surprise today! While at the Jo meeting I received a special package from one of the members. Guess who it was from! Mary! From over at Quilt Hollow!!
There was a yummy candy cane ornament. A very cute handmade little zipper pouch out of fabric with sewing essentials on it!! :o)
Inside the pouch was a Mary Englebreit package with all sorts of needles in it. I can always put those to good use! As well as some thread! Oh yes, a package of cinnamon spice tea. Yum! I will definitely enjoy this as I am a tea drinker.
Thank-you Mary!! You are so sweet. I had no idea that I would be a recipient of one of your wonderful gifts! Let the Christmas Joy begin! :o)


  1. I am so jealous that you and Mary get to go to Plain and Simple. All of the show and tell is so great. I love the mini rugs.
    How sweet of Mary to send you such a lovely gift.

  2. Saw the post on Mary's blog, what fun Jo club looks like. And I only live 3 miles from Plain and Simple! Isn't Mary sweet - such a nice gift.

  3. All your pics are so great....the quilty things are beautiful and I love the stitchery too!!! I must do some Christmas stitchery before next year...as it's too late this year. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Karen,
    I wish I was on your Christmas list. Your quilts
    are awesome. I especially like your applecore
    quilt. I like what you did for your border. I
    am in to process of sewing some applecore pieces
    during my lunch and I am pleased at how the
    singlet rows go together. I am wondering though
    how those will come together. I have done one and a half rows so far.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity through the
    holiday season.

  5. My goodness, what a lovely surprize from Mary. She is such a warm person.

    I love all the photos you and Mary shared from the quilt shop.

    The stitcheries from the Figgy Pudding Fabric quilt are so beautiful. The close-up house photo you shared is just adorable.

  6. How lovely everything is! What an excellent idea using ric rac around the apple cores. If I ever get back to my apple core quilt, that would be a nice way to finish it.

  7. That Mary! She takes such joy in surprising friends. :-) I am happy that the two of you can get together for such a fun group and of course the creative abilities of the members is once again raising the bar for the rest of us. The Apple Core quilt is still speaking to me, now to remember to order that stamp and get on with it, lol! Happy holiday preparations, Karen.

  8. Your welcome!! Remember the quilt on the left as we walked in? I have it in my post...do you know who's pattern that is? I've been asked and haven't a clue! If you get back there...will ya look...thanks! Happy Holidays!

  9. The Log Cabin quilt with the houses is wonderful! I think it would make a great addition to my quilt collection. Is that a Jo pattern?

  10. I'm a little late but just in the nick of time for Happy New Year to yooouuu!!! Gosh the Log Cabin and Houses is one I really do think of making. Every time I see it I hit myself upside the head and say "Oh that's right! I want to make this." I have a bruise on the left side. hee!

    Warmly and Silly over coffee, *karendianne.

  11. I love the ricrac under the edge of the apple core quilt. If I had seen this before I hand stitched my two long sides down...oh boy! That is lovely. Is it too late to rip out my two long sides?? I'm a wondering! Actually only one is sewn down...the other is basted. That edge finish is so unique.