Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Half square triangles

I am currently working on a project which has half square triangles in it. Of course I loaded the pictures in reverse! LOL
I was trying a new product being passed around as a trial.
It's called "Stitching Lines" by Marin & Colusa. Here is there website. if you are interested.
Usually I just draw a straight line from corner to corner and then sew a quarter inch away from each side. I then take my rotary cutter and cut the triangles apart on the line that I drew. With this product you lay the "Stitching Lines" paper over the diagonal where you would normally draw the line. You then proceed to sew your quarter inch away from the marked line, then cut as normal.. It just saves you from having to draw the line.
If you are confused, just start by looking at my last picture first! Like I said at the beginning of this post, I put my pictures in reverse order! Ooops. LOL
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. I have seen those before. Have not used them.

  2. Hey there...glad you had a chance to give them a go. I've been trying to figure out the picture thing myself and now I make notes before I post. The last photo you select is the first at the top of the blog. :-) I still can't figure out why blogger wants to turn the photos once in awhile. I'll see you Tuesday, right?!!

  3. Does the paper slip at all while you are sewing on it.

  4. Hi, I just found your blog. Thanks for posting about my Stitching Lines. Hope you found them to be easy, fast and accurate. Of course, I use them all the time!