Monday, June 29, 2009

Grab Bag quilt

A couple of posts back I talked about how my "quilt bee members" were putting fabric in a bag and then each person was to take a bag that was not theirs! They were to take the bag home and make something with only the fabrics in the bag! I showed you the quilt I made from what was in the bag I picked, but I never showed you the fabrics I had placed in a bag. Well, the above photo shows the fabrics I chose for the grab bag.
At my last bee meeting, I recieved the quilt top all finished!! ( Only thing is, she forgot she wasn't supposed to add any new fabrics!) Oh well, that's O.K. She made the sampler quilt you see in the above picture. I have already machine quilted it and just have to put the binding on. I'll show you next time!
Happy Quilting! :0)

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