Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The First Round Robin Block

I have recieved the first block from the "round robin" project. It is a scrappy blue and yellow nine patch block. My job will be to add the next row which will be a checkerboard effect of 2" finished pieces. I will need to rummage through my fabric stash to find some blues and yellows. For the first block this should be fairly easy to do. I have seen some of the other blocks I will be working on once they come my way. I think some will be a true challenge. Especially the one made up of mostly Kaffe Fasset fabric, which I am not used to working with! The only guidelines that came with the blue and yellow block are to keep the block scrappy or not, specks of other colors are O.K. Guess what I will be working on today?

Oh, one more fun thing that my Sewing Bee decieded to do. We are to gather some coordinating fabric together and put it into a brown bag. It should be enough fabric for either a small quilt or table runner. We are going to bring the brown bags to the next bee meeting and put them into a group or pile. Then everyone will grab a bag (that is not there own). We are to take the bag home and make something with only the fabrics that are in the bag! We have such a diverse group, that this could prove to be more challenging then the Kaffe Fasset round robin block!

I am off to my sewing room! Happy Quilting! ;0)

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  1. I'm looking foward to seeing a picture of your round robin! Your Sewing Bee is a nice and active group! It sounds like a lot of fun having such projects, I wish I could participate! I hope you will get the most nice brown bag! ;-)))