Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Spring Cleaning"

Is "Spring Cleaning" a good idea or a bad idea? Hmmm. A little bit of both perhaps. I have finally finished cleaning out my sewing room! It all started because of "The Box". ( Which now over floweth! I added more than my share to the box! I hope the next box reciepient has a large trunk space! Giggle!) There are no longer any dust bunnies residing in that room. (For now anyway, but I am sure they will be back! They always seem to have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it!)
I found 13 UFO's (unfinished objects) and have 5 tops that only require quilting. I did not count the current projects I am working on. Some became UFO's because I had to put them away when we moved and they just got buried or lost. I have a couple which were projects started in my sewing bee. For example, a block exchange, or fabric swap. Sometimes I just put a project away because I was unsure about what to do with it next. I have a couple of those too! During the "cleaning" process my creative juices started to flow! All the ideas for future projects I would like to do. But, what about my poor UFO's! I want to finish those too! Which leads me back to my question. Is "Spring Cleaning" a good idea or a bad idea? In the long run I think it was a good idea! No more dust bunnies! ;0)

My husband and I have been doing some research on new computers. We decieded to get a new one, because we have been having a lot of issues with the one we currently have. The one we currently have is a refurbished 2001. It is very slow, and we can only do web searches and check e-mail at this point. Anything more then that and it freezes and then "Kaput"! It has been a work horse that has seen better days. My hubby ordered the new one this morning! I am soooo excited! He found a 30% off sale. It's arrival date is March 18. (Sounds like I am talking about a baby!) I am sure it will be a learning process. It will have the new "Vista" which we do not currently have. A wireless mouse sounds super! Needless to say, I can't wait!
I will just have to make do for now. I will make my blogging words as coloful as I can until I can post pictures. My daughter did put a picture on my profile from her computer. Thank-you daughter2!
Daughter1 will be coming home for spring break this weekend! Something else to look forward to! She will be coming by train for the first time. We have been either driving up to get her or she has found a ride home with a schoolmate. She goes to a school about 3 1/2 hours drive from here. This is her first year away at college. It has been an adjustment, not only for my daughter1, but for daughter2, my husband, and myself!

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  1. I love your "spring cleaning" Karen! I know what you mean about coming up with new ideas when one goes through the UFOs and the stash!...A new computer makes a lot of difference, I got mine last year and that is great, no more complaints!