Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mail Call!!

Today is the day that my 5" charm squares arrived! This is so exciting! This is the first swap that I've had a return on so far from blogland! I had participated in a Jo Morton fabric swap back in September. Dawn over at Spring Water Designs was holding this swap.
She sent me a nice card with hearts on it, along with the 5" charms.
I had sent her 13 sets of 8 blocks each of different fabrics. That means I should have 104 different charm squares if there were no repeated fabrics! WOW!
Dawn asked me in her note to share what I intend to do with them. Well here is what I have in mind.
I've already got a few started. :0) I would like to use them for this "Apple Core" charm quilt by Cindy Blackberg. She uses a stamp to mark the design onto her fabric! I thought that was kinda neat and had never heard of using stamps before. So I thought I would give it a try. This is a hand piecing project. A Good project to work on in the carpool line while waiting for my daughter to get out of school!! :0) If I have any charms left I will use them in one of Jo Mortons tiny basket quilts. I just love baskets!! Actually, I might just pick out a few of my favorite charms right now for either the "Betsy's Baskets" or the "Beth's Baskets" pattern! :0)


  1. No repeats in the fabrics. That sure is amazing.
    Cindy came and spoke at our guild a long time ago. Those little stamps are a neat idea. How do you like working the curves? Putting the cores together seems like it would be easy enough but you will have to let us know how it goes when you put the rows together. Have fun. You got some great fabrics.

  2. I think those stamps are wonderful. Your fabric is great!

  3. That is a nice swap! Love all those fabrics! Have fun with your next creations!

  4. Sweet Swap! Look forward to seeing your quilt next meeting.

  5. Cindy Blackberg has been a friend of mine for about 18 years!
    I notice in your header photo that you have a collection of the ceramic quilt hangers. I guess they are ceramic. I used to want a collection of them. I had one but don't even have it any longer.

  6. Really like this fabric swap idea and especially like your use for the fabrics you received. I've never done a hand pieced curve. Will have to look for this stamp and give it a whirl. Have plenty of scraps to use. I should have done that swap, too!

    Nice blog header photo ~ I like the way you set up your quilt studio ~ has a quilt shop feel to it.

  7. I love your apple cores! That's what several of the girls in our group who swapped said that they were going to do too!