Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!

Ahhhh! Paradise!! :0) (0: My Husband and I had a wonderful trip for our 25th anniversary!! I actually would not have minded staying longer!! Once we got home reality came back all too quickly along with responsibility.
We stayed on the island of Kauai. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! We have so many pictures, that it was not easy to choose which to post. I may just have to post a few more in the future. The first picture was taken from a hiking trail. It is of the Kalalau Valley.
Kauai is known for its chickens. They are everywhere!! In parking lots, on the golf course on the beach, along the roadways.... You name it they are there! They are well fed and very healthy looking birds for being wild. Very colorful! The story goes that after a hurricane hit the island sometime in the 1950's they got loose and were never corralled. There is a law that states the chickens must not be harmed in any way! LOL!! Hence they are everywhere!! We had a pair just outside our hotel window. At 3:45 am was our wake-up crow! Yes, Mr. Rooster would wake us every morning. Ah well, great way to start your day, before sunrise!
Of course we had to do the mandatory helicopter tour of the island! We had a beautiful day for it! My husband and I sat right up front!! There were 6 passengers plus the pilot. Oh, there are no words to describe how beautiful the island was from that angle. Actually any angle we looked at was just simply awesome!!!
This is the hotel and pool where we stayed. Just looking at it makes me want to go back, or better yet still be there! ( Although we did have a Tsunami warning on our first day which was a bit unnerving to say the very least!!!!)
This is the view from the hotel! Mountains and ocean! Where else in the world can you see that???!!!

My parents graciously took care of my home front while we were away. They stayed on an extra week after we arrived back. Thank-you Mom and Dad from the bottom of my heart!!! This was the first trip my husband and I have made together, alone, since before we had children! Almost 20 years ago!
Since we have arrived home, my daughter #1 came home for her Fall break from college last weekend. It was so great to see her! Even though it was a short visit.
And daughter #2 has been keeping me hopping since our return! She is in a club band jam called "Double Negative". This is new for both her and I. She plays the piano/keyboard. Her first ever live performance was this past Friday night! I am so proud of her! For only about 3 or 4 times has this group gotten all together with the teacher to practice. There are 6 students. They played two songs and did really well! You go girl!! Her 17th birthday was this past Friday also! Happy Birthday!!! Yesterday we went on a school field trip to the "Carolina Tiger Rescue" in Pittsboro, NC. OMG! If you love cats this is a really neat place to go. I can't get over how close up you can get. Whenever we have been to the zoo you can see them to, but usually at quite a distance away. They had Servals, Tigers, and goodness, I think about 6 or 7 other types of wild cats. The stories of how they arrived at the rescue center are almost non-believable and often heart wrenching. I hope to go back again sometime soon. It was well worth it! This is a rescue facility I will gladly donate to.
Until next time!
ALOHA!!!!!!!!! :o) (o:


  1. Welcome back...I'm green with envy.

  2. Awww. Welcome home! I am so glad you were able to get away for such a wonderful time!
    I love the photos!

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the mountain tops through the trees. I sure hope you get another vacation together before another 20 years goes by.!!(My hubby & I have been married 30+ years and still have young ones at home)

  4. My brother and wife have lived on Kauai for many years yet I've never visited there. Dumb, eh!! Your pics are wonderful and so happy you and your hubby got to get away--finally!

  5. Wow, what a fun time you must have had but welcome home! Hope to hear more about your trip on Tuesday at Jo's club. Jane

  6. Welcome home, Karen. Sounds like a dream trip and a much needed vacation. Wish I could join you for Jo's Club this week!

  7. Wow, Kauai, I have always wanted to visit the islands. Maybe one day. Sounds like you had a fun time there and a fun time when you got home with the family.

  8. Isn't Kauai beautiful
    what a wonderful vacation.
    yes I did the helicopter tour and thought I would die!
    It was beautiful but scary too!