Thursday, July 30, 2009

Town Hall Meeting With President Barack Obama!

I don't normally talk or even blog about politic stuff, but I have to tell about this. My husband was looking at our local online news, and saw that Obama was coming to Raleigh NC. He then saw a link to where you could apply for tickets to possibly see him. He applied. We got a phone call saying you are one of 800 people who will recieve 2 tickets to go to the Town Hall meeting!! We couldn't believe it!!
So, yesterday we went to see the President of the good ole' USA!!!!! We stood in line to get a security check for 2 hours.
The meeting was held here at Broughton High School.
My husband showing his ticket near the end of the line. Can you tell he was tired of waiting just to get in.
Here is security check-in. We were told we could bring a camera and our cell phone. No bags! But here you see a bag! No wonder it took 2 hours!!
Look here he is!! I still can't believe that we actually went!!!!


  1. That is VERY exciting!!! You were meant to be there since you got called about tickets!! I bet the wait was worth it! I am a fan of Pres. Obama and to see him in person would indeed be exciting! Thanks for sharing this "unquity" news!!! Very very cool!!!!

  2. You lucky girl! I would have been happy to wait in line for that experience. I'm glad you went and then shared it with us. Thanks!!

  3. Wow, that's pretty cool. Except for the waiting in line and security check, what a pain. I can see the look on your husbands face that part was not fun. So how was the town hall meeting? Did your husband ask any questions of the president?

  4. Karen this must have been quite an experience, although I am not American I am a great fan from Pres. Obama.

  5. How wonderful! Very exciting.