Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Home!

I'am finally home after going to visit family and friends for almost 2 weeks in New York State.
The above picture is the view from a restaurant called "Shadows on the Hudson". It's in Poughkeepsie NY. Really nice place with great food! We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, with friends, who are also celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary! Theirs is this month. My husband and I were married in September.
Here we are! We had made reservations 3 days in advance so we could have a table outside on the deck by the water! My husband and I are on the right. Our friends on the left.

A backyard shot of us before we left for dinner. The weather was simply gorgeous the whole time we were in NY!

Girls, girls girls!!
The friends we had dinner with have 2 daughters as do my husband and I. They are all about the same ages. My daughters are the two end girls (Pink top and camera around neck). We had gone to an art exhibit on the Hudson river in Cornwall NY. You see the Hudson in the background.

Here is one of the sculptures. It's of a boat. I took this picture with the Hudson river in the background! I am not the best photographer. But I really like how this picture turned out!

We spent one day at Belmont Park, racetrack. One of my daughters is very interested in horses. You see the back of my oldest daughter and my husband here.

I love visiting Historical old homes!! This is (Yet again!) another picture of the Hudson river, from the property of a home called "Claremont" which was owned by the Livingstons. This home is not far from Roosevelts Estate! This is the view they had from their front porch!

This is a picture of the "Claremont" home. That's my Mom standing in the front.

This is Rambo. He is the mascot of a farm we visited called "Catskill Animal Sanctuary"! Visiting the farm makes one never want to eat meat again! This is a home for abused animals as well as animals that were from butcher farms. I'll tell ya, some of the stories about where the animals were from and how they came to this santuary were really awful!! How can people be so abusive!! I won't go into details.
Over all a good time was had by all! Now it is my turn to entertain! We are having some of my husbands cousins visit us this coming weekend. Which means it's time to tackle a mountain of laundry and start making menus and cleaning house for our visitors. No time for quilting yet! Maybe next week! :-)
Hope everyone is having a great summer!!! :0)


  1. Glad you back home safe and sound....perhaps beat? Looks and sounds as though a wonderful times was had....and congrats on that upcoming 25th!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Such a beautiful vacation. We've been through there several times, but have never stayed in the area. Happy 25th a little early. We're having our 22nd next month. Our girls look like the same age too.

  3. Such a nice visit and lovely photos. Twenty-five year in September? Congratulations!