Thursday, May 21, 2009


MMMM! Don't these look yummy delicious!! Oh, I couldn't resist them. They smelled so good. The first strawberries of the season! While my parents were visiting we went through 3 of these boxes! They have gone home now. We had a very good visit!

After finishing my grocery shopping this past week, I got into my car to drive home. I saw a movement in the car next to me and my first thought was "is he coming or going- do I need to wait before I back out of my parking spot?" Imagine my surprise when I saw these two big puppies sitting in the driver and passenger seats!!! I had such a good chuckle over it! I don't normally take pictures of someone else's dogs, but this I had to share with my daughters and all of you! :0)

Here is the first picture I took. At first I thought there was only one dog, then I spotted the second one. To cute!!

When my parents came to visit they brought this quilt with them. I had made this in 2001 as a Christmas gift for my Grandfather. My Mother wanted me to have it. My Grandfather passed away last April at the age of 90. I always felt very lucky to have at Grandfather who was still alive and I was able to know him as an adult. I don't think many people over the age of 40 can say they still have a living grandparent.
Here is the label I had put on the back of the quilt. My Grandfather always told me how much he loved being outside and with Nature.
That's why I chose all the animal and outdoor type print fabrics.
Just a short quick update for today. I hope to get back to sewing soon. I am definitely going through "quilting withdrawal!!!! I admit I am addicted and miss it. :0)


  1. Hi Karen,
    Such a cute picture of the dogs...too funny. I love the quilt you made for your grandfather. I know having it will bring back all the wonderful memories of him.

  2. Love the dogs! I'm still smiling. I'm glad you were able to get the quilt has wonderful memories of him for sure.

  3. Sure got a chuckle out of this story about the dogs, lol. Your Gramfather's quilt has come home to roost as a sweet reminder of your love for him, and to snuggle in when you are missing him. Glad you had your parents there for a nice visit too.

  4. Hmm...seems that I am all thumbs when it comes to spelling today, lol.

  5. I love the quilt you did for your Grandfather...especially the label. I would have to admit that I am addicted to quilting....well I think it is the piecing that I am addicted to actually. The quilting part I am finding a little hard, but I am determined to tackle that part too. Practice, practice, practice!

  6. I just love the photo of the dogs! Animals are so funny. Wonderful label on your grandfather's quilt.