Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Round Robin returns

Here is my finished Round Robin quilt top.
For those of you who don't normally follow my blog, this is a project from a quilt bee I am in. We all started with a 9 patch block of our making ( There were 10 people participating) Then we passed the block around to each person participating. They would either add a 2 1/2"(unfinished) checkerboard border or a 4 1/2"
(unfinished) border around the center block. We did this 6 times. Now I have to add one last row of the checkerboard myself to the quilt top. I am debating as to whether I should use this as the back of the "Twin". All participants of this project, also made a second 9 patch block which they were to finish on there own.
This was the 9 patch block that I started with. I think I was having a dark day. Do you do that? Depending on your mood, your fabric selections sometimes follow how your feeling on any given day. I seem to do that. :>)

Whoa! Oops. This is not my round robin. This is the Kaffe Fasset quilt top from another bee member. This is the one I had the most trouble doing. I didn't have any Kaffe Fasset fabric in my stash. It seems to be haunting and following me. It pops up when I least expect it to! :>D

O.K. Phew!
Here is my "twin" or my version of what I did to the 9 patch block. Now, I could make two quilts, or I could make a reversible quilt by using them as the front and back together. What do you think I should do?
Check my side bar for a new link to Patchalots website. She has some really neat patterns! :0)

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