Monday, April 11, 2011

Prom, Table Runner and Find the Kitty?

Saturday was my daughter's Senior Prom night! Eight girls and one lucky guy! LOL! At least that's what we told him. It seems to me there are a lot of shy Senior male students in High School. They missed taking these beautiful young ladies to the Prom!! That's O.K. This group of girls including my daughter took matters into there own hands. They decided they didn't want to miss out on not being able to go to Prom and went as a group!! All I can say is good for them! They had a grand time according to my daughter! :0) (My daughter has the biggest smile and is on the far left.)
I did get some sewing done. This is the "Table Runner" that I made from the fabric that was in a brown bag. My "Bee" had each member put some fabric in a bag. We then brought the bags into the next meeting, shuffled them up and took one bag home that was not ours. We were then to make a table runner from the fabric in the bag. Sometime in the month of May we will bring in the Table runners that we made. We will then probably guess whose fabric we had, and hand over the newly made runner to them. I already think I know whose fabric this was. :0)
(I'm not sure if she reads my blog or not)
Here is a close-up of each block I made. (Well poo. The picture turned!) If you tilt your head to the right you will hopefully see a four inch center block which is a sewing machine. The main theme fabric in the paper bag I picked had sewing "Do-dads" and words related to sewing on it!
So I implemented sewing things into the blocks. This one is a spool of thread. The large over all block is called "Odd Fellows Chain".
And if you once again tilt your head, you will see a blue heart, spool of thread and red pincushion. We had to use only the fabric which was in the bag as well as a small amount of our own fabric to make the table runners. Fun Fun! But I'm glad I'm done!! LOL!
A big Thank-you to all who left ideas of what sort of "Table runner" I could possibly make with the fabric in the bag!! They were all fantastic. Thank-you!!
Can you find the Kitty?
This is the top of a corner fireplace mantel in our keeping room. Hmmm! There is a new ornament which placed itself in the side basket!!! I actually think our Emma kitty looks like she belongs up there!! LOL (Naughty girl) I'll bet it was a nice, warm, toasty spot above the fireplace.
Happy Quilting!! :0)


  1. Your daughter has a beautiful smile! And I love the tablerunner! Kitty looks right at home up there! :0)

  2. Good for the girls to have gone on without the guys! Playing dress up is fun in itself!
    Love seeing kitty all comfy cozy...they are so silly.

  3. I am sure they had more fun as a group than if they were couples....what a awesome group of ladies and gent.

    Love your runner....

    Naughty kitty.....(cute)

  4. What a great looking group of people! How nice that they went as a group too. That's probably best :D

    I love your table runner you made! You did such a lovely job on it!!

  5. What a beautiful group of ladies and gent! And smart too! I hope they had a wonderful time. What a great memory for them. Prom done well!
    Very cute table runner and adorable kitty! Don't you love the places they find to nap!

  6. Prom? Been there done that.
    My son went to his prom 21 years ago!


  7. Love your table runner - great colours :-)

  8. The kids all look just lovely and I am glad to hear that they had a great time at their prom. Won't be long and they will be celebrating graduation! Wow. You did a great job with the scrap fabric table runner. I can see that you put a lot of creative energy into making this one. Perfect! Your kitty reminds me of my Schuster - and he would be snug in that basket if he had the opportunity, too...maybe you should just put a little quilt in the basket to decorate and make a soft bed for your kitty. Glad to see your post and for a chance to stop in to say hello...I am still here working like a slave, lol. Bye for now! :-D

  9. Your daughter is beautiful as well as the other girls....silly boys, boy did they miss out, but like you said there was one lucky fella!! My daughter did the same thing when she was a senior with her group of girl friends and they thoroughly enjoyed the night! Love your runner..the colors are perfet together. So nice to find your blog (and your kitty on the mantle)!

  10. You have a beautiful daughter and I bet they had more fun with a whole group. My girlfriends daughter just went to the Prom with a group of girls and two guys as well. Must be the in thing. Your star table runner is beautiful, I bet the recipient will be pleasantly surprised, good job!