Sunday, January 2, 2011

Almost Finished!

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year to you!

I wanted to show you what I've been working on. I just finished hand quilting the above little quilt. It's a Kathleen Tracy pattern called "Harvest Quilt". Her website is: She also has a blog which I think you can get to from her website.
This is supposed to be a little quilt but I am thinking about making it into a pillow. I haven't put the binding on it yet because I am still thinking about it......
I just love this stencil!!! This is the one I used for the Harvest quilt which is a 15"x 21" quilt. I hope the picture shows the quilting well enough for you to see.
Wow! It's funny what taking a picture of a work in progress can show you versus seeing it on the design wall. This is the 1 1/2'' Fall strip exchange I've been working on! :0) It is not sewn together yet, but I wanted to put it up on my design wall and see how it was coming along. It's getting there!
This is a picture of my beautiful family!! I don't often get the opportunity to take a picture of everyone altogether anymore.
Yes, we actually had some snow here in Raleigh, NC! It started on Christmas day and snowed all through the next day! We ended up with 7 1/2 inches!!

Until next time,
Happy quilting!! :0)


  1. Your work is wonderful, I say is adorable. YOu have a lovely family!

  2. wow! I love that little quilt. Your quilting is superb and isn't that fall strip exchange turning out to be stunning?! Right on. Love the family photos, too. Definitely it snows in N.C. Happy New Year, Karen!

  3. Oh I love the quilt and I love following Kathleen's blog. She is one of my favorites. I signed up to do her American School Girls club for the year. I'm excited about that. Her website is just wonderful.
    This is the year that my quilts will be smaller. Maybe I will feel as though I've accomplished much more that way :)

    I love that stencil too! I like your idea of making the quilt a pillow. It would be beautiful. I decided on my sister's memory quilt to make it into a pillow. I really think she'll appreciate that more.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!!

  4. Your quilting is stunning, Karen! You can def see the beautiful quilting. I love the strip quilt too. Looks like you are almost done.

  5. Hi Karen! Harvest Quilt would make a pretty pillow cover. We use our quilt covered pillows a lot. It's nice to see your family enjoying the snow and time together. You all had such a busy year 2010! Hope the new year brings much joy and of course plenty of quilting adventures. :-D

  6. Your little quilt is gorgeous and so is your big one - it looks fantastic on your wall.

  7. Hi Karen, the little 4 patch quilt is lovely, it would make a nice pillow. I also like you large quilt, it looked like the top was together when I first saw it. I see the background peeking through at a second glance. It will be gorgeous! Looks like the family had a fun time in the snow.

  8. Your little quilt is so sweet. It would make a cute pillow.
    I love your quilt on the design wall. Awesome.
    Playing in the snow is so much fun especially when you don't get it much.