Monday, November 15, 2010

Friendship Stars exchange

This past Wednesday at my quilt bee we had our friendship stars exchange. These are the blocks I received! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I could just leave them as they are and make a small lap quilt from them. (The blocks are 9 inches square.) or I could graph out an alternative. I am always open to any suggestions. :0)
Here are all the blocks laid out on the table. We all picked up our own blocks after they were set out for everyone to see.
Here are some ladies picking out their blocks.
This is a flower memory quilt. One of our members lost a parent not long ago. Rather then sending flowers to her, we each made a flower block and then put them together as a special memory quilt for her.
This is a really neat purse made by one of our members. And below are 2 more beautiful quilts brought in for "show and tell". :0)

I am currently working with 1 1/2 inch strips in "Fall" colors. The strips are from an exchange my bee did a while back. I have finally decided what I'm going to do with them. I have made a test block which seemed to work out with some minor adjustments. So I plan to go ahead and work on making some more blocks today. (I really have been wishing that we chose to use at least 2 inch strips for the exchange.) I had to re-work the pattern I decided to use in order to make these blocks (which I hope to show you soon). It has taken me quite awhile to figure out what I was going to do with them. Hopefully this is going to work out the way I have visioned it. We shall soon see!!
Have a great Day! And happy sewing! :0)


  1. I've made a few friendship stars lately but I didn't have the accent on the corners. I really like that...must remember to do that!
    I love your group's idea to make flower blocks. That is a really sweet idea. thanks for sharing it.

  2. I like the Friendship Stars just as they are laid out. I made a quilt like that years ago and have never tired of it.

  3. I love the friendship stars! And I really do like them the way you had them laid out too. I think they look really nice that way. Love the fabrics in each one!

    Have fun with your stitching!

  4. Your Friendship blocks are super! What a great quilt you will have. Love your pictures.

  5. I'm back again admiring your friendship blocks and just noticed that on the top row, second from the right, that block is positioned different from the rest..... but I still love it!!

  6. Hi Karen, Your friendship blocks are very pretty. Have you seen the Topsy Turvy setting on the Quiltville site? Here is the link?
    It's been my experience that blocks don't always come out the same size when sewn together by a group. You know those quarter inch measurements can be just a bit off on different sewing machines. This pattern works perfectly for blocks that aren't exactly the same size.
    I also have a book with this technique called "Twist 'n Turn" by Sharyn Squier Craig. It shows you how to add 2 or 3 frames. Good luck with whatever setting you decide on. I'm sure your quilt will be gorgeous.