Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A "Pin Keep"

I thought I would show you something that my was my Grandmother's. I have never seen another of these anywhere. Have you ever seen this type of "Pin Keep" before? I actually don't know what it's name is so I've named it a pin keep.
If you push down on the top a single pin will pop out of the tiny hole!! I love this thingy! I remember playing with it as a child and being very fascinated by it. Where were the pins coming from? :>) I am still fascinated by it!! :0)
Here comes the pin!
O.K. o.k....... I will show you where the pins come from! You open up the top and there they are! This pin keep only works with straight pins with a small head, as you see here. All of the pins must have their "heads up" or it will not work. :0)

I just love it!! :0)
By the way. The quilt that you see the pin keep sitting on is what I'm currently working on. I 'm hand quilting it. I am very close to the end now! Just have the borders to do!! Hooray!!!
Look!! This is the newest addition to our family of cars! It is just 2 days old!! A 2010 Toyota Prius! Soooo, If you see a red Prius driving by it might just be me! Give a wave and I might just smile and wave back!!!
This is what I should be doing! Ironing!!! My husbands work shirts. Blah. Look how many!!! He just returned from a trip to Europe and brought me all his icky dirty laundry back. (Don't get me wrong, I love having my husband back home safe and sound, just not his laundry!)
See the pretty fabric hanging over the door?? That's the fabric I'm going to use for my next project. :0) Maybe I will work on that before I iron shirts.......
Oh yes! One last thing I want to share with you today! My Father gave this to me a couple of years ago. I asked him where he had gotten it and if it was my Grandmother's. He couldn't remember. I had completely forgotten about it. It's been sitting in the attic since he brought it to me. I have wiped it down using mild dish soap and water. It needs some more cleaning, but I'm afraid to rub too hard or the design may come off.
Does anyone know anything about this type of machine or how to clean it?
I was not going to do anything with it unless it looked promising. Well guess what? The needle still moves up and down! And when I plugged it in, the light and motor worked!! Now I am excited about trying to clean it up more. The question is how? My guess is this used to be a treadle machine which was turned into an electric machine. ( I would love to turn it back into a treadle machine.... I don't have the special table with the foot pedal though. ) :0)


  1. Glad to see you back in blogland. I have never seen anything like that 'pinkeep' before. Looks interesting.

    Your quilt you are working on is sure pretty. In fact I was admiring that more than the pinkeep! LOL

    Congrats on the new car!!

    I have an old Singer treadle machine and I just use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down. I'll bet if you contact a sewing machine dealer they could help you with that.

  2. Cool pinkeep! I've never seen one either.
    A new car and an old's a good day :-) I would think the damp cloth would be the way to go and then figure out how to oil it. Have fun!

  3. That needle keep is "sew" cool! I can't tell you how many times I've stabbed myself with my silk pins! The Singer is great, too. Even if you don't get it to work, it would still look lovely on display in the sewing room.

  4. Love the needle keep...can't say I'd ever seen one before. I own several of those older sewing machines but just wipe dust down...they weren't in bad shape when I got them.
    OH...and a new car! I loved your was a Lexus right? How fun...I'll keep eyes peeled for you!'ve been missed in blogland so it was a fun surprise seeing you here.

  5. I have never seen a pinkeep like you show. Unusual.
    You can sometimes find an old Singer treadle cabinet. Maybe even one with a machine you could swap out with your grandmother's.

  6. Ah ha! You are still with us! You have been a busy girl, quilting and sporting around town in a shiny new red car. How much fun is that?! I've seen old treadle tables on craigslist. Keep an eye open and you may find one that you can at least display your machine on. Looks like some of the grime and rust can be cleaned off by a professional and would be worth having done and you may be able to sew on it afterward. So nice to hear from you, you made my coffee-break happier!

  7. Don't know about the machine, but do like the "pin keep". It reminds me of the paperclip holder where one always pops up. Maybe your
    "keep" is where the holder came from. Like you could do without the ironing, except if it is for a quilt!!

  8. Hi -- in regard to the machine I recommend yahoo! group called Singer, those members know all about this stuff and you can ask all kinds of questions, post a picture and even find out where to find replacement parts. Love that group! Lisa

  9. You're so cute with your new wheels! I've NEVER seen anything as neat as that 'pin keep' - wow. Plus that Singer. That's something really special. Gosh friend, what a lovely post!!!

  10. Love the pinkeep idea. Enjoy your new wheels.

    McKenna has some wonderful info on old machines here:

  11. That pin keeper thingy is pretty cool, never seen anything like it. Wow awesome red car, looks like fun.

  12. That is a neat gadget and I like the quilt in the photo. The older singers care and repair there is a lot on the internet. I looked into it once for one I had but did not have the time.

  13. that pin keep is fascinating to me. I have not ever seen one like it before. Maybe in my searching in antique stores I can find one. Nice snazzy new car.
    Ugh! I hate to iron clothes too.

  14. Hi Karen, I've heard that you can use a small bit of car polish on a soft rag and you machine will be shining like new.


  15. What a fun little quilting tool your Pin Keep is. And it looks to be very useful also. The sewing machine is beautiful. That should certainly be on display.

  16. Hi Karen, thought I would say hi. Our daughter goes to college at PEACE college in Raleigh NC. I see you are now following me so I had to check our your blog and follow you. Love the quilt, the antique sewing machine and I have been thinking about getting a Pruis too. Does it have pick up and go? I will have to test drive one.

  17. Hey there, time to come out to play again. :-D