Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two Inch Strips and a Jo

I had a box full of 2 inch strips which was over flowing. They are all from leftover projects or of that last bit of a fat quarter or yardage. I felt the need to thin out the box, and use the strips for something. I got the itch! To try something new.
Here is my box of 2 inch strips. I put them all together and made a huge ball of material. You can see a small version of the ball when I first started the project. I wanted to see if I was going to be comfortable with crocheting fabric. I was just fine with it. It was a bit awkward when I first started, but I soon got the knack for it.
I made a rag rug using the pattern. "Get Hooked" designed by Ann Lauer. ( Pretty cool Huh? And I was recycling those leftovers! Yahoo!
I put it here for now, in front of the fireplace. I had intended on putting it in front of the guest bed, but my kitties seem to really like it where it is. When I turn the gas fireplace on there is always a least one of them on it. Getting warmed up! LOL :0)
Here is the Jo Morton top all finished. I had shown it to you when it was still in rows and not sewn together. My next Jo meeting is this coming Tuesday. I'm ready! :0)


  1. Love that use of scraps!!!! and that quilt looks fab too.

  2. I was reading in a quilt book about crocheting a rug from the fabric strips. The author sewed the edges in so that there weren't raw edges. Wonder if that is worth the time.
    Your Jo quilt is oh so good! One I want to make.

  3. OH karen what a great use for the 2" strips, I will have to think about this. And yes it is true I have a 2" bin too!
    I love your Jo Morton quilt! Looks wonderful, will be nice to have that at show and tell for the club!

  4. Oh how pretty your Jo quilt is! And i love the rug. I have been wanting to try that also.

  5. Love what you did with your strips and I love the Jo Morton quilt! Sweet!

  6. Years ago I had a friend who made all sorts of these rag rugs using an old toothbrush. It's another wonderful idea for recycling less than desireable fabrics too. See ya Tuesday!!

  7. I've always wanted to make a rag rug. Maybe now I have someone to turn to when things don't go right. LOL Love love love your Jo quilt.

  8. I went out and bought a crochet hook last year to do a rag rug but have not started. Do you think you could do a post on how to get started? Do you just sew the ends of the strips together?
    Your quilt looks great. Have fun a your club.

  9. Rag rugs are wonderful. A great way to use up scraps. Bet you can't stop at one? And, an excellent Jo Morton top!

  10. I love you rug from 2 inch stripes. I also, have a box of 2 inch. Maybe I will try this.
    What size needle did you use?

    Great quilts!